What is EntreCon®?

EntreCon® is an annual signature business and leadership conference that offers leaders across all industries an opportunity to grow together. In 2015, SCI founder Quint Studer had the vision to bring a high-end, yet affordable, business conference to the Gulf Coast. Over the years attendees have transformed EntreCon® into a conference for business owners, leaders and employees alike. Each year, EntreCon® provides 500+ attendees with a front-row seat to both local and national speakers, practical knowledge and tools, and first-class networking within our community. EntreCon® is more than a conference: it creates a chain reaction of positive impact, elevating leadership skillsets and growing organizations rooted in purpose.

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2022: Time to Thrive

Simply returning to the “old way of doing business” isn’t an option. While the pandemic tripped all the circuit breakers, this year provides an imperative opportunity for us all to RESET. Join us as we rise to the challenge of re-engaging a different kind of workforce, navigating a different kind of work environment, and reimagining a different kind of leadership, all to pave the way for a different kind of normal.