What's Included

This year's EntreCon includes 5 bold breakout tracks and 28 unique sessions from our expert speakers.

    1. What's Included

    1. Great Leaders Choose Character, Not Comfort - Quint Studer

    2. Leading in Times of Chaos: What Unprecedented Stress Does to an Organization - Diana Hendel

    3. Minutes That Matter - Mike Bodie and Madrina Ciano

    4. Projecting Executive Presence Through Leadership - Ian Turnipseed

    5. Building Successful Teams in Challenging Environments - Brady Turnage

    6. Growing Boldy: Building a Life You Love - Emily Ley

    7. FUNomenal Care: Caring for Self, Internal Customers and External Customers! - Tony Brigmon

    8. Being Inclusive: Your Role in Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Culture - Mardia Shands

    9. There's Power in Your Profile: Using LinkedIn to Promote Yourself and Your Business - Michelle B. Griffin

    10. Stress Less: Mindful Exercises to Improve Decision Making - Felipe Muñoz

    11. What the Best Companies Do to Get Results in Tough Times - Bob Nelson, Ph. D

    1. Protect Your Biz from Hackers, Attackers, Scammers & Fraudsters - James Todd and Tim Shoop

    2. Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, One Business at a Time - Co:Lab Panel

    3. Utilizing Technology to Improve Sales and Business Outcomes - Marcus Neto

    4. How to Create Permanent Disruption: Anticipate the Puck

    1. 3 Ways to Increase Sales with Digital Portfolios and Text Message Campaigns - Jean Marie Richardson

    2. The Twilight Zone and a Sales Silver Lining - Bob Nicols

    3. Crush the Content Marketing Game - Chris Do

    4. We Buy What We Believe - Brad Weaver

    1. Why My City’s Top Draft Pick Is an Entrepreneur, Not an Investor - Charles L. Marohn, Jr., PE

    2. An America That (Still) Works: How Our Towns Are Reinventing Themselves in the Face of Challenge - James and Deborah Fallows

    3. Placemaking 101: Let’s Get Intentional About the Economic Value of Place - James Lima

    4. Civic Engagement and Early Brain Development: Two Small Investments That Yield Big Results - Quint Studer

    1. Creating Confidence and the Power of Sisterhood - Caress Hudson

    2. Your Voice is a Choice - Terre Short

    3. Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times - Maryalice Morro

    4. Shutting Down Imposter Syndrome Before It Shuts Down Innovation - Frances Cutshaw

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