What's Included

The Studer Community Institute certification program has a pathway for all leadership levels, from aspiring to established. Once you register for a pathway, you will be enrolled in a portal that will guide you through the process. In order to receive your certification, you must complete the following:

  • Choose your leadership level 1, 2 or 3 (see below) and register for that pathway

  • Attend at least one live (in-person or online) SCI Symposium in a 12 month period

  • Complete 15 credits of on-demand and live training

  • Submit certificates of completion to the online portal

  • Complete and submit all assignments and receive a passing score on all knowledge checks

Leadership Level 1

Aspiring Leaders

Designed for aspiring leaders, recent graduates and entrepreneurs who intend to lead a team, this certification will provide learners with the tools needed to build skills, improve outcomes and demonstrate leadership.
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Leadership Level 2

New Leaders

This certification pathway is best for new-to-role leaders who are managing others for the first time or in a new capacity). Leadership skills are rarely inherent and these on-demand and live sessions will provide managers with the skills they need to inspire others and succeed in their new roles.
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Leadership Level 3

Established Leaders

Take your professional growth to the next level with our top tier leadership certification. This pathway is for established leaders who are committed to lifelong learning opportunities and want to continue to inspire their staff and lead confidently.
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Hear what others are saying!

Karen Epstein

Visit Florida

The certification program has been an excellent experience and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve been in customer service for 17 years and a manager for many years. I find it really refreshing to revisit these topics because if we don’t continue to learn, we can’t grow. We can all learn no matter what stage of our work-life we are in. If you want to be a better person, you need to grow in life no matter what.

Lillie Buchanan

Victus Dental

I signed up to become SCI leader certified because I wanted to take the time to learn from more experienced leaders so that I could grow as a person and a leader. This certification will be of value to me because I will be able to take what I learned and help the leaders under me continue to develop their skills.

Annie Jenkins

28 East, LLC

I love learning and understanding new ways of leading and developing ourselves and others. After attending EntreCon virtual last fall and reading The Busy Leader Handbook and Building Vibrant Communities what SCI is doing to change communities is powerful and amazing. The knowledge, learning, self-awareness, and leadership skills is invaluable to helping grow the communities I live and play in. It's not about me it's about working with others around me and ensuring what I share is innovative, relevant, and that we can execute the vision we develop.

Alyssa Durdan

Victus Dental

I decided to sign up to become SCI Leader Certified to help further my career in Operations and also to help Victus Dental grow and succeed. I love learning new things and ways to further my leadership skills. This program specifically will be of value to me in a multitude of ways. It will look great on my list of certificates and degrees, help me become a better leader, and help me lead Victus Dental to where it needs to go.


I signed up to get certified by SCI Leadership training courses, to help further my career. I am very interested in becoming a leader and know these courses will help me to move up the corporate ladder. I believe this course will help me to show my leadership that I am truly interested in becoming a leader. With the knowledge gained from this course, I am excited to see where my career will go.

Training Investment - $750

The American Society for Training and Development did a study and found that when employers spend $1,500 per employee per year on training, they achieve improvements in profit margins of around 24%. 

With the SCI Certification program, you can achieve the same goal at half the price!

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