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Jon Deckert

As the Community Enrichment Director at Vivid Bridge Studios, Jon Deckert continues to pioneer the development of branded educational courses, coordinates a capstone-based internship program with local universities and continually encourages the inclusion of educational aspects into the company's marketing efforts. To remain true to his roots in video production, Jon has also contributed to ADDY Award-winning projects, serving as a Key Grip, Camera Operator and Sound Designer. His passion for the industry has helped foster a thoughtful and supportive work environment through his warm, supportive presence and dedication to carefully researched projects that exemplify the Vivid Bridge brand.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. Rate Your Knowledge

    1. Onboarding Videos

    2. Vlogs

    3. Demo Videos

    4. Meet the Team Videos

    5. Customer Stories

    1. Recap

    1. Rate Your Knowledge After Course

    1. Rate this session

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