Meet the Speakers

Kimeran Johnson, Scott Bradbary, and Kristie Tobias


Kimeran Johnson has been serving as Chief People Officer for Studer Family of Companies since Fall 2021. She came to SFOC from an international healthcare consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia where she served 17 years in leadership roles in both operations and marketing and was directly involved in hiring and training hundreds of team members. 

Over time her passion became the people in the business, and she developed a keen interest in working with emerging leaders. Shortly after joining SFOC she renamed and rebranded the department she joined from HR to People Operations to align with the company’s mission to improve the quality of life for the people in the communities they serve. She said, “SFOC employees are the community our People Operations department serves and by improving their quality of life while they’re at work we get to help carry forward the SFOC mission. 

In addition to overseeing human resource functions, she’s responsible for the company’s recruiting, hiring and onboarding as well as employee engagement and talent development.



Scott Bradbary serves as Chief Talent Officer at Warren Averett. Scott works closely with the Firm’s Executive and Administration teams to strengthen culture and core values. 

He has spent his professional career coaching people to success.  Scott formerly served as the Chief Learning Officer and member of The Rainmaker Academy and has worked extensively in the accounting profession. He has worked with hundreds of firms and thousands of accountants assisting them to reach their highest potential and professional goals. 

Scott is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country and has been featured at the AICPA’s Emerging Partner Conference, The Growth and Profitability Summit, the Enterprise Worldwide International Conference, The Leading Edge Alliance Managing Partners Annual Meetings, the New Jersey Society of CPA’s and many others. He also conducts hundreds of workshops, classes and web presentations each year.



Kristie Tobias is a Change Management and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant, national speaker, and author with a background in Human Resources and Organizational Development. She has close to 20 years of consulting and leadership experience with a primary focus on utility-based organizations and healthcare. She has consulted organizations on topics focused on change management and leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion, employee engagement, patient and customer experience, leadership development, business optimization, and financial improvement. 

Through her creation of change leadership curriculum and leadership development workshops, she has provided professional development for thousands of employees and leaders. She excels at bridging communication and relationship gaps at all levels of leadership to create high-performing organizations of effective and proactive change competency, high employee engagement, and reduced turnover results. Kristie is the Lead for Huron’s Black Alliance Strategic Initiatives Committee and Huron’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program. She prioritizes building inclusive environments within Huron and strategic client partnerships including facilitating Unconscious Bias workshops and trainings and moderating discussions on improving education around health equity and inclusive educational opportunities within historically diverse universities and medical programs. 

Kristie has spent over a decade sharing her struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and believes that everyone deserves to have a voice. As a national speaker, she developed her own brand centered around change leadership and mentorship and released her first book, podcast, and streaming series all of the same name, Fearlessly Made You. She developed Fearlessly Made You as a way to support and walk alongside those who don’t always feel as if their voices have been heard. When Kristie is not inspiring others with her quick wit, charm, and engaging attitude, she is a board member for several non-profit organizations in Pensacola, Florida, an advisor for the Mayor of Pensacola and offers her services as a speaker and business advisor to several non-profits and small businesses. She is a self-proclaimed wine enthusiast, avid cycler, and mother to her dog Cooper.